Skoda Rapid TSI Automatic

Skoda Rapid has been motoring on in India and with the new 1.0-litre TSI motor, it offers a far-better option in the already packed SUV-favoured market. Now, what the Rapid has to offer is that it will come with solid build quality which will be packed in an ageless design and it will also be backed by strong brand aspirational value. 

And now, it will also be getting a torque-converter automatic for the first time which is a change from the dual-clutch DSG. 

Engine and Performance

This updated Rapid is a single petrol engine option and this comes from the Volkswagen Group (SAVWIPL) in India – which is the 1.0-litre TSI direct-injection turbo-petrol unit. What it does it that it makes 109bhp at 5,000rpm and offers an impressive 175Nm of torque that is accessible from 1,750rpm. The Rapid offers six-speed torque apart from the six-speed manual and this is a great boost. 

Now, with the updates and upgrades, the hardware has not seen any change and this is just perfect. The suspension is equipped to counter all the bumps and irregularities well and hence, it remains absorbent over bad surfaces at lower speeds and only when the speed is increased, does one feel jitters inside the cabin. 

Much like the hardware, there are not too many changes even on the inside. Now, the cabin looks quite tidy and it does not have any fancy gimmicks. Its ergonomically sound and all the features and accessories are positioned quite well. Light-coloured material gives the cabin a rather premium and aesthetic look. 

As far as the seats are concerned, they offer great support and then, there is ample headroom in the front row as well. Apart from this, there is just the right amount of under-thigh support too. Not only this, the rear bench also offers good levels of comfort. 

Skoda also has a new eight-inch ‘Skoda Android’ Infotainment system and the colourful display is a welcome addition. While the sound from the four-speaker system is not something to write home about, but then, we can accept it as the connectivity option is quite limited.

In Conclusion

Prices of the Skoda range between Rs 9.49 to 13.49 lakh (ex-showroom), and this makes it one of the most affordable petrol-automatic sedans out there. And, then, it is also one of the most fun-to-drive, back-to-basic sedan as compared to the modern C-segment offering.