Volkswagen Id.3 Zooms Ahead, Tesla Model 3 And Renault Zoe Falls Behind

Just months after hitting the market, Volkswagen AG’s ID.3 hatchback zoomed to top Europe’s electric-car sales charts and it upstaged a Renault SA model and Tesla Inc.’s Model 3.

VW sold 10,475 ID.3s in October, and in the process, pipped Renault’s Zoe subcompact by about 700 units, as per Jato Dynamics. Tesla, on the other hand, just registered 834 Model 3 sedans last month, after it beat all the other EVs by a wide margin in September. 

Electric vehicles have gained a lot of prominence in Europe and governments have pumped in subsidies that have helped carmakers ride through the turmoil owing to the pandemic and comply with all the emissions standards. It should be mentioned here that the total deliveries of hybrid, plug-in hybrid as well as battery-electric models are now on the competing with the cars powered by diesel.

“Every month, we are seeing new records being set by electric-vehicle sales," said Felipe Munoz, a Turin-based senior analyst for Jato Dynamics. “We expect this trend to keep going as battery prices come down further."

Tesla was the number one player in 2019, but now VW has closed the game and the German carmaker’s forthcoming ID.4 crossover is expected to consolidate its position, if the estimates of Munoz is to be believed. 

“The reason why the ID.3 is a success could be down to its relatively affordable price," he said. “We would expect the ID.4 to further VW’s success with electrics."