Skoda Patents Illuminated Seatbelt Buckle, A First In Auto Industry

Skoda has recently announced that they have patented what would be the world’s first illuminated seatbelt buckle that which will further assist the driver to attach the belt even in dimly-lit or night-time conditions. As per the carmaker, the buckle is illuminated in red and this ensures that the occupants find it easily and that it turns green when the belt is attached to it.

Now, it might not seem to be a path-breaking move, there is no denying the fact that this simple technique may not only assist occupants in finding the buckle but will also serve as a possible reminder to fasten the seat belts.

It should be mentioned here that the illumination may not be on at all times though as Skoda informs that there are weight sensors which would be able to detect if someone is on a seat before illuminating the buckle. 

Here, the basic principle is similar to the seatbelt warning sounds that the passenger seats that most cars these days have which issue beep alerts if a passenger is seated but not buckled up. So, if a seat is vacant, the alert beeps are not sounded. 

Skoda has also informed that the driving force behind this seatbelt buckle illumination is to further improve the safety practices of a driver as well as the car occupants. "The smart illuminated seat belt buckle is just one of many features devised, designed, and engineered in-house at Skoda," a company statement informed. 

"Every year, the brand files numerous patent applications for ideas and systems to make life easier, safer, and more enjoyable for owners and drivers."