Maruti India Teams Up With Microsoft India To Set Up An Automated Driving Test Centre

Maruti Suzuki India has entered a collaboration with Microsoft Research India in order to develop a smartphone-based technology which will be used for testing the applicants seeking driver’s license. This joint venture has set up an Automated Driving Test Centre (ADTC) at Dehradun. This has been done in association with the Transport Department, Government of Uttarakhand.

What is the ADTC?

The ADTC puts to use a smartphone-based technology named The Harnessing Automobile for Safety (HAMS). It is jointly developed and tested by Maruti Suzuki-promoted Institute of Driving and Traffic Research (IDTR) and Microsoft Research India. The technology is based on artificial intelligence models which is used for conducting efficient and robust operations. 

Under this test, the applicants undergoing the test are connected to a HAMS-enabled smartphone that supervises the road and the driving pattern. The entire process will take around 10 minutes and the smartphone will then generate a detailed report of the test. 

Ajay Kumar Tomer, executive advisor, Maruti Suzuki India said, “Maruti Suzuki started its driving training initiative in 2000. We have cumulatively trained over 3.4 million drivers nationally. Efficient testing of candidates seeking a driver’s license is an important step towards imparting good driving behaviour. The use of latest technologies help bring transparency. HAMS, developed in partnership with Microsoft Research India, is an important tool to modernise the driving license test in our country. Starting with ADTC Dehradun, this technology will be introduced in more centres across several states.”

The applicants have also welcomed the change as they are satisfied with the transparency and objectivity of the entire procedure. Also, in situations where applicants are not satisfied with the report, they can also opt to watch the video recording of their test drive