Kia Carnival Updated In Home Market, There Is Also A Mammoth TV Monitor

Kia Carnival was launched in India at the beginning of 2020 and despite its premium price tag, the MPV has managed to showcase Kia's ability to offer a luxurious ride to people who might be interested in rolling around in luxury. 

Now, the Korean company has introduced Carnival 2021 in its home market, and now, there are noteworthy updates on the outside, the cabin of the vehicle that has seen plenty dashes of luxury. This is highlighted by a 21.5-inch monitor for all the in-car entertainment needs.

This car has taken cues from high-end luxury limos and it also offers a big screen for entertainment purposes. This is a welcome change as it is an aberration as it comes at a time when companies offer large touchscreens but comparatively smaller dimensions. So, if you do not like to share what you may be watching on the screen, you just have to draw the curtains which have been put into the car. 

If we describe the curtain, it is a throwback to the good old days and it has a number of safety features that bring the Carnival right back up to speed with the current times. 

Also, it will get featured with the lane-keeping assist, blind-spot detection, as well as forward collision-avoidance, assist. Not only this, it can also easily detect pedestrians as well as cyclists. It is a semi-autonomous Level 2 driving system.

Kia Carnival Hi Limousine also comes with a roof that is now higher and sidestep boards have also been added.