Hyundai Announces Dedicated EV Platform

Electric vehicle is rapidly catching up and Hyundai Motor Group has now announced a dedicated electric vehicle (EV) platform which will be called E-GMP and this will be the foundation on which the future battery-operated vehicles will be slowly introduced. 

As per claims made by the Korean car maker, this platform will be responsible for the next lineup of EVs to offer a huge per-charge range. Also, there will be high-end products from it which will offer performance capabilities which will match all the sports cars of repute. 

This E-GMP platform will act as the core technology which will serve Hyundai Motor Group’s next-generation BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) line-up. There are a number of products which will be gradually rolled out from 2021 onwards and this will be based this that include Ioniq 5 and a yet-to-be-revealed product from Kia Motor Corporation.

Hyundai has said that the E-GMP will be providing a number of advantages when pitted against the existing platforms that has been engineered to accommodate internal combustion engines. There are a number of benefits that include increased development flexibility and powerful driving performance. Also, there will be an increased driving range along with strengthened safety features. 

One of the other advantages with the E-GMP platform is that the cars will roll out with range and Hyundai has informed that there will a BEV based on E-GMP which will be capable of a maximum range of over 500km with a fully charged battery. They also say that recharging it to 80% will only take 18 minutes, and will be enough to add 100 kms of drive range in five minutes. 

It needs to be informed here that the E-GMP is critical to Hyundai Motor Group’s plans to introduce a total of 23 BEV models that include 11 dedicated BEV models. And, then, there are estimated that it will be able to sell more than 1 million BEVs worldwide by the year 2025.