Apple Car Could Debut By 2024 With ‘Next Level’ Battery Tech

In what can disrupt the entire ecosystem, tech giant Apple is reportedly developing a car. As per a new Reuters report, the Apple car – which will be known internally as Project Titan is all set to go into production by 2024. It will also feature radical battery technology as well.

Project Titan had earlier started off and now, Apple plans to build an electric vehicle of its own. After delaying the project, the tech major is seriously looking at the creation of a new EV.

One of the biggest reasons behind this plan is that this new design will come with a new design that could slash battery costs and this will have an impact on the boost range at the same time. It will be called a unique ‘monocell’, this new design will bulk up the individual cells, freeing up a room by eliminating pouches and there will also be modules that hold battery materials. All this will provide a vehicle a potentially longer range.

The report goes on to mention that Apple is studying chemistry for the battery named LFP – this is lithium iron phosphate. As per research, these batteries will less likely to be overheated, and could be a safer alternative to other lithium-ion batteries. The source goes on to add that Apple’s battery tech is “next level” and its impact on the world would be "like the first time you saw the iPhone."

As far as the autonomous driving tech is concerned, Apple has been exploring sourcing lidar sensors from outside partners. What the report also says that this Apple car could come with multiple lidar sensors for scanning different distances. And, Apple may also consider using its own internally-developed lidar units.