After Hatchback, Honda City Hybrid Sedan Makes Debut

Thailand looks to be a lucrative market of interest for Honda. After rolling out the City Hatchback here, the Japanese carmaker has now taken out the hybrid version of the popular sedan. Honda City Hybrid, which is also called the Honda City e-HEV, will bring customers close to an electrified driving platform. This will be done as the company promises better mileage and while the price is quite exorbitant, it does come in a powerful RS variant alone.

It needs to be mentioned here that the regular City RS costs 739,000 baht (approximately ₹18 lakh), and the City e-HEV will cost 839,000 baht (approximately ₹20.50 lakh). Not only does this have hybrid technology, it will also come with a 1.5-litre naturally-aspirated engine as opposed to the 1.0-litre turbo VTEC.

One of the biggest USPs of this model is that it has the electric motor which is inside the City e-HEV is 108 Ps that combines with the 98 Ps on offer overall. Also, there is 127 Nm of torque which is up for grabs. 

There are reports which also suggest that the Honda City e-HEV can run for around 28 kilometers per litre of fuel.

And, there are a number of additional features that are over and above the regular City. This includes steering wheel paddles, a seven-inch instrument cluster display as well as electronic parking vents. Also, there is an autonomous emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and lane centring assist apart from a lane keeping assist.

As things stand right now, it is not clear if the car in its hybrid form will make headway into the Indian market, but it underlines a strong intention from Honda to switch to slightly cleaner options for India as well if it does enter the fray.