Tips On How To Get The Best Fuel Efficiency From A Manual Car – Experts Speak

Indians are obsessed with the fuel efficiency of their car, and we always want to extract the best-possible mileage and performance from every drop of fuel we feed our engines. As opposed to the western world, here in India, we are taught to drive the three-pedal first as we gradually understand how the different things function. Now, in this article, we take a look as to how to best possible performance from each litre of fuel when we drive a manual car.

For starters, in a manual gearbox, the driver takes control of every gearshift. Now, the onus is on the driver to keep the engine in the rev range as they will not strain the engine. Hence, if you rev the engine unnecessarily or keep pressing a single gear for a long time, it will put additional unnecessary load on engine and it will decrease the fuel efficiency. Hence, revving the engine to redline should never be the practice. It needs to be mentioned here that almost all the engines make their peak power and torque in the mid-range and hence, there is no need to strangle the engine to its screaming limit.

There is yet another principle of physics that will dictate the performance when the body is in motion. Hence, when is car is in rolling, it will also have to overcome the initial inertia and will remain in smooth momentum unless there is any external force. So, we recommend to always use the correct gear and keep maintaining by using the throttle judiciously. It is one perfect way to maintain smooth momentum, and will also return maximum kilometres per litre of fuel.

In the congestion of city traffic, the driver can anticipate and manoeuvre as per the route – and always understand the routes as it will help increase the efficiency of the engine. 

We then speak about the brakes, as if they are slammed hard, it disrupts the engine’s steady momentum that leads to increased load and leads to decrease the economy of the fuel. We advise that unless absolutely necessary, do not slam the brakes and always go for smooth and gradual braking – and understand the traffic before slamming the brakes down.